#JanFam Corner: Gallant


I’m really feeling the debut album by Gallant, who kinda comes off like a millennial Maxwell. The singer had some really poetic things to say about the influence of Janet Jackson’s “I Get Lonely” on the album:

“There’s plenty of Janet Jackson songs, but that one in particular, the way she starts it — it’s very bare. Her voice kind of warbles a little bit, and that just adds to the overall sense of vulnerability, honesty, and humility that the lyrics pose. Sonically, production-wise, the way it comes in and stops at random parts makes it feel almost religious. [Producers] Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are incredible, mainly for the work that they did with Janet. It was always very collaborative and something special going on. And that connection between artist and producer is obviously something I value too, which is why I worked with only one producer for this project. It helps to really get into that mindset. I first heard ‘I Get Lonely’ way back when I was really young and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.”

You can really hear the influence on songs like “Bone + Tissue.”

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