Craig’s Ol’ Skool Corner: SWV


No secret that SWV is my fave R&B girl group of the ’90s. Yeah, En Vogue was more polished. But SWV gave you hood attitude…


…and lead singer Coko’s vocals on such songs as the No. 1 ballad “Weak” and the gorgeous, underrated “You Are My Love,” from the group’s sophomore album, took you skr8 to church.

And all of this is not to even mention the entertainment value of Coko’s nails.






(Sidebar: During SWV’s heyday, I once heard a woman ask, “I wonder how Coko wipe her ass with them nails? You know she got some dingleberries.”)


In addition to all of that, SWV–unlike En Vogue–managed to stay together.


In fact, SWV is back with a new album, Still. It’s nothing revolutionary, but I still enjoy hearing their voices. I’ve already written about how much I love the single, “Ain’t No Man.” (There’s a video now.) My new joints are “Miss U,” “Leaving You Alone,” “Love Song,” and the real throwback “When Love Didn’t Hurt.”

Now here’s something cool: If you buy the actual CD (I know, right!) from Target, you get bonus live versions of SWV’s back-in-the-day smashes “Right Here,” “I’m So Into You,” and my all-time favorite “Weak.” (Take a listen to “Weak (Live)”)

SWV lovers should also know that the group’s debut album It’s About Time is about to be re-issued with an insane amount of remixes. Tracklisting below; pre-order here.

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